The 7 Things That Need to be Fixed in the Lighting Industry. Like Now!

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  • The 7 Things That Need to be Fixed in the Lighting Industry. Like Now!
    February 21, 2024
    11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

With apologies to George Carlin. Industry veteran, Tom Butters, will explore 7 areas where the lighting industry needs to either up their game, change their focus, or blow it up and start anew.

Coming out of the hibernation from COVID-19, the North American Lighting industry is experiencing seismic challenges mostly from within our own ranks.

In this sometimes tongue in cheek, expletive laden, often self-serving diatribe, Butters will explore some of the issues concerning the North American lighting industry in 2023 with the goal to open a dialogue where all industry stakeholders can share best practices and move us forward.

The industry is NOT better off than pre-COVID, but it can be.

Subjects that will be brought up may include: our siloed industry, the ludicrous fight over circadian lighting, the time to bury CRI was in 1964 not 2024, clueless European management of some of N. A’s historically leading lines, Lightfair, the dumbing down of lighting education, global supply chain issues, and the apparent total lack of empathy in the lighting industry.

As with any of Tom’s presentations, he will seek to educate while being entertaining.

The views expressed in this presentation, are those exclusively of the presenter and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of the IES, IES Calgary Section, Lightfair, CRI, or any sane person.

The Speaker

Tom Butters LC

Founder and Executive Director of The Lighting Agora, Executive Director of the National Lighting Bureau

Tom Butters, LC, is the creative mind and developer behind some of the most well received educational tools and events of the global lighting industry. Since 1986, Tom has worked in or served the entire array of the lighting industry.

He uses this diverse background and empathy to understand the needs of the individual or organization to deliver high quality lighting education to suit the precise needs of the user.

Tom is a proud board member of the Nuckolls’ Fund for Lighting Education and an Emeritus Member of the IES.

 Tom was the co-developer, along with F.X. Morin, of the globally successful free lighting app “IES Ready Reference”.

He is the creator of “Light for Life – a Global Collaboration 2020” which involved 17 webinars from 15 lighting organizations from around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tom was the director of the IES’ free 4-hour live webinar “Germicidal Disinfection in the Days of COVID-19” which had over 3600 live attendees from 56 countries and has been viewed by thousands more as a free offering on the IES website.

 He is renowned for bringing people together for the betterment of the lighting industry and the general population.

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          Learning objectives: 

1.     Upon completed viewing of the presentation the attendee will have a better understanding of the landscape of the North American lighting industry with an eye to ask the important, and sometimes hard, questions to grow our industry.

2.    Upon completed viewing of the presentation, the attendee should have a firm understanding of what CRI is, and why it needs to be replaced, now.

3.    Upon completed viewing of the presentation, the attendee will be aware of the extreme need for in person lighting education.

4.    Upon completed viewing of the presentation, the attendee will have a better understanding of what Lightfair is, what it means to the industry and how important it is to support it.

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