The IES and IES Calgary Section offer a variety of learning resources and opportunities that lighting and allied professionals will require throughout their professional lives to stay at the forefront of the art and science of lighting design, manufacturing, and installation and to realize fulfilling careers.

Education seminars provide up-to-date information on the latest in lighting design, technique, and technologies. Furthermore, you can earn valuable CEU and LEU credits by taking part. Check back soon for a comprehensive list of upcoming educational seminars and events!

Fundamentals of Lighting
Fundamentals of Lighting (FOL) is a seven-module investigation of light and lighting, intended to provide basic knowledge for any interested individual. As such, it will provide enough depth for basic understanding while attempting to cover the most significant areas within the field of study.

Topics covered:

  • Basic Lighting Concepts, Vision and Color
  • Electric Light Sources, Ballasts, and Drivers
  • Luminaires and Controls
  • Photometry and Calculations
  • Lighting for Interiors
  • Lighting for Exteriors
  • Important Issues in Lighting



Advanced Modules
Advanced Modules are education seminars concentrating on key areas and factors of lighting design and application. The IES Calgary Section offers these Advanced Modules lead by accomplished local and visiting experts. Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming sessions.

Topics covered:

  • Lighting Controls for Non-Residential Building
  • Vision & Color
  • Codes, Standards & Regulations – Promoting Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Compliance
  • The Lighting Design Process – Interior Lighting
  • Daylighting
  • Light Sources & Auxiliary Devices



IES Education
Click here to find out more about the full range of courses, seminars, and conferences offered by the Illuminating Engineering Society.



IES Webinars
Each month, the IES presents a live webinar on topics we believe will be beneficial to our membership and the public at large. We are excited to offer you this education-oriented program where you can expand your knowledge about lighting and earn IES continuing education credits (CEUs). We hope that you will join us. Click here to see the full list of upcoming Webinars.



NCQLP LC Study Group
NCQLP LC Certification is a voluntary, industry-led certification program earned by an examination that is offered annually. Please see our Events Calendar for the next series schedule.